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Welcome to the website of Vettori Giovani Piante di Pistoia.

We don’t take care of everything or try to do everything, but what we do we do best by dedicating 100% of our experience and our time to it.

All this, taking care to create a product that responds as much as possible to the needs of the reproducer.

Appearance is not part of our modus operandi, we prefer substance to this.

We are open to updating techniques for rooting cuttings and growing them.

Respecting tradition, we want to look to the future.

The result obtained by the customers who cultivate our young plants is the always new starting point that we give ourselves in search of absolute perfection.

Vettori Cristiano


The production range of our Vettori Giovani Piante company consists of conifers and evergreen bushes, including some Mediterranean plants.


All our plants are grown in a special biodegradable pot made by molding, compressing and “cooking” a mixture of 80% vegetable fiber and cellulose, 20% blond peat…

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