Photinia Red Robin

Photinia Red Robin

Photinia Red Robin is currently one of the most popular choices as a hedge plant, thanks to its pleasant and lush appearance, which makes it a truly fantastic little decorative tree. Visible very often in gardens, it has lanceolate oval-shaped leaves of an intense red color which, as they mature, transform and turn to a bright green color.

Photinia Red Robin
Photinia Fraseri Red Robin

The intense red color of the leaves in Spring allows you to create a striking and marked contrast with the surrounding environment.

Not having an excessively compact structure, this evergreen shrub allows its leaves to move under the action of the wind in an evident and harmonious way.

Vulgarly called Fotinia and also known by the name Photinia Fraseri Red Robin, this type of plant begins to germinate during the Spring and, following flowering, is enriched with bunches of small white flowers.

In some cases, characteristic red fruits also appear.

It is an evergreen shrub of Asian origin, belonging to the Rosaceae family, able to withstand various climatic conditions and to defend itself quite well against attack by parasites, diseases or other environmental problems.

In fact, it can survive harsh winter temperatures down to -15 °, even if its ideal climate remains that of a mild and temperate type.

The only factors capable of annoying Fotinia Fraseri are humidity and stagnation of water. In fact, it prefers a drained, not too humid soil and finds its perfect habitat in it, at the same time as good exposure to sunlight.

Photinia Red Robin Alveolo
Fotinia Fraseri Red Robin

Thinking of making a Photinia Red Robin hedge can be an excellent choice, as the cultivation of this shrub does not require too much attention.

On the occasion of formal hedges, or with a geometric shape, in order to maintain it, it will be sufficient to prune the plant twice a year.

Instead, if you want to let it grow naturally, just postpone pruning to only once a year, precisely in the months of June or July.

Not just hedges: Fotinia also lends itself to being used to create compositions in large planters, borders, flower beds or as a single potted tree.

Certainly, its beauty and vigor undoubtedly stand out more when used in formal, informal or rustic decorative hedges, of any height.

Within our Vivaio Vettori in Pistoia, we directly produce the cultivation cells, always using 2/3 cuttings. The cuttings of the young plants of Photinia Red Robin are selected in advance at the time of potting and irrigated in a targeted manner through the use of specific bars, so as to ensure maximum product uniformity.

In order to favor perfect rooting and correct tillering, each plant is sprouted several times during the cultivation. This allows us to obtain a highly reliable product and to be able to guarantee our customers the sale of young plants, including conifers, mediterranean plants and evergreen bushes, of excellent quality.


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