Photinia Chico ®️

Photinia Chico ®️

Small evergreen shrub, Photinia Chico ®️ is a product recently introduced on the market, but already highly sought after as a decorative garden plant. Its spherical and rounded shape, combined with its small size, make it elegant and extremely pleasant to see.

It has very small and shiny lanceolate leaves, bronze in color with shades ranging from red to orange and sprouting twice a year, precisely at the beginning of Spring and at the end of Summer. Once ripened, the leaves turn to intense green

Thanks to its persistent foliage, this small evergreen shrub is suitable for those looking for an easy-to-manage plant that lasts all year round.

Photinia Fraseri Chico

With a round and extremely compact habit, it can reach the size of just 30 cm in height and 20 cm in width.

Despite its small and compact structure, which makes it conquer the record as the smallest Photinia on the market, Photinia Chico ®️ proves to be strong and resistant to any climatic condition. In fact, it can withstand very well the harsh winter temperatures, up to a maximum of -18 °.

Also commonly called Fotinia Fraseri Chico, this small and graceful bush plant has the peculiarities of branching very easily and not suffering from drying out.

The only precaution to be taken is to make sure it is planted in fertile, moist and well-drained soil. At the level of exposure, it prefers sunny areas, but is nevertheless well suited to living in dim light.

Photinia Chico f40

Easy to maintain, the pruning of Photinia Chico ®️ should only be done once a year, when the leaves are ripe and turn green, therefore at the beginning of Summer.

Very similar in appearance to Photinia Nana, it is ideal for use in the composition of homogeneous and compact plant groups or low hedges, unlike its older sister Photinia Red Robin, which can reach very high heights.

It is also very popular as a small pot plant, for the decoration of terraces or gardens and is able to best express its beauty in rock gardens or where a touch of color is needed, in stark contrast to the external environment.

The small and colorful leaves manage to be of great aesthetic impact, especially when they take on their typical warm bronze color, tending to a beautiful rust color.

In order to ensure a robust and excellent structure for the young plants of Photinia Chico ®️, we personally take care of the selection of the cuttings within our Vivaio Vettori Piante in Pistoia, which are carefully selected at the time of potting.

We produce the cultivation cells directly, using only organic fertilizers and products, in order to guarantee safety and a lower environmental impact, a philosophy that has been adopted for some time in our company, which deals exclusively with the BIO cultivation of young evergreen bushes, conifers and Mediterranean plants.


20 Cm 






-18 Max






Sun/Half shade



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