Eucalyptus Gunnii Azura ®️

Eucalyptus Gunnii Azura ®️

Eucalyptus Azura ®️ is a new, extraordinary variety of Eucalyptus, with a slow and compact growth. Selected in the heart of France, it was chosen from among a large number of plants of its species, as it proved to be the only one able to survive in very cold temperatures.

Belonging to the Myrtaceae family, it is in fact able to withstand the freezing cold of winter, down to -18 °. Withstands any type of exposure, sun or shade.

Eucalyptus Azura

Its splendid round-shaped leaves, of a beautiful color that changes from silver to turquoise, acquire a particular charm in contrast with the pure white ice typical of winter frosts. The branches, which are sinuous and delicate, have an orderly growth, so they do not require particular commitment in cultivation.

Thanks to its compact habit, it is the ideal choice as a pot plant, to decorate a balcony or the garden, but it can also be used for the construction of mixed hedges. It allows you to give a unique and special touch to all the green corners of houses, condominiums and gardens, both public and private. It is perfect in combination with plants with white flowers or grasses, creating a beautiful play of colors.

Also known as Eucalyptus Gunnii Azura, this beautiful, easy-care plant can grow to about 4 meters in height if not pruned. Pruning, in fact, is not necessary, it takes place only if you want to limit growth and keep this evergreen shrub small.

Eucalipto Azura
Eucalyptus Azura Vaso 13

Its branches are used in combination with floral compositions inside the houses, thanks to their pleasant scent which in winter is enhanced and activated by the heat of the rooms.Being a patented variety, the cultivation of the very particular Eucalyptus Azura ®️ plant is possible only with a special license.

Within our Vivaio Vettori Giovani Piante based in Pistoia, we produce, grow and sell alveolus plants of this particular species of Eucalyptus, selecting the cuttings in advance at the time of potting. We use a targeted irrigation system with specific bars, able to allow us to obtain a product with maximum uniformity.

Our commitment to provide quality assurance to potential customers and breeders continues with the use of exclusively organic fertilizers and products and biodegradable pots.

These special pots allow a lower impact on the environment and an easier, faster and safer transplant, as well as an immediate vegetative restart and a rooting close to 100%.

The young plants of Eucalyptus Azura are cared for to perfection, according to our decades of experience, which allows us to offer a range of production, made from a wide choice of conifers, bushes, evergreen shrubs and Mediterranean plants.


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