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Ours is a young company, born about ten years ago and since the beginning has based its business and its development on two fundamental principles: product quality and service.

What we do we do best and we prefer substance to appearance.

Our way of being, of never being satisfied with the results achieved, of trying to improve what for many is already the best, is the guarantee we offer.

The Vettori nursery has always stood out for the supply of high quality young plants. The nursery, organized according to the most modern standards, by the brothers Cristiano and Leonardo, always offers the highest quality in the provision of the service and in the care in the cultivation of plants carried out with the modern technology of the sector.

Our confidence in the market is based on the loyalty of its customers thanks to the very high quality of the plants and the willingness to satisfy the most customer needs.


The production range of our Vettori Giovani Piante company consists of conifers and evergreen bushes, including some Mediterranean plants.


All our plants are grown in a special biodegradable pot manufactured by molding, compressing and “cooking” a mixture of vegetable fiber…

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