Euonymus White Spire®️

Euonymus White Spire ®️

A highly sought-after type of Euonymus, Euonymus White Spire ®️ is an evergreen plant capable of giving a lot of light to hedges and gardens, thanks to the very particular color of its leaves.

The latter, in fact, have a bright green color, surrounded by a large bright and bright white border, with a jagged and elongated shape. It is also called Euonymus Japonicus White Spire or, in common language, Evonimo Variegato bianco, due to the characteristic white border of the leaves.

Euonymus White Spire
Evonimus White Spire F24

The foliage of this beloved hedge and garden plant has an upright posture and dense and compact vegetation, which develops mainly vertically.

In fact, it is an evergreen shrub with a slender and harmonious shape, a stable and homogeneous variety that remains perfect throughout the year. It is ideal for resisting both hot and cold winter weather very well, in fact it can withstand temperatures down to -15 °/-20 °.

The variety of Evonimo which takes the name of Euonymus White Spire ®️ is mainly used to create small hedges and topiary compositions with a geometric shape, with a high decorative impact.

Thanks to its ability to instantly illuminate any environment in which it is inserted, it is often also used as a single pot plant or to create compositions of plants in similar or contrasting colors, in order to create suggestive decorative elements for the garden or balcony.

Evonimo White Spire
Evonimo Variegato Bianco

Thanks to the peculiarity of being able to be transplanted into soils of any type, the evergreen species of Evonimo Variegato Bianco is suitable for fulfilling the wishes of those looking for an adaptable and easy to manage outdoor plant.

It requires only one pruning per year, to be carried out during the spring period, but only if deemed necessary, depending on the conditions of the plantation.

Its robustness is one of the factors that makes it particularly interesting and sought after on the market, even if its production is reserved for holders of a special license, since it is a patented and exclusive variety.

The cultivation alveoli of the splendid Euonymus White Spire ®️ are produced directly in our Vivaio Vettori Giovani Piante in the province of Pistoia, always using 2/3 cuttings, previously chosen with care and decades of experience.

This allows us to obtain a product of maximum uniformity, well rooted and of excellent quality. The young plants of Evonimo Bianco are watered in a targeted way with specific bars and popped several times, as well as being grown using only organic products.

The BIO philosophy adopted by our company for years has led us to use special biodegradable pots, capable of ensuring a minimum environmental impact and a whole series of advantages.

The most obvious is to be able to simplify the process of transplanting the crops we have purchased, avoiding having to remove the seedlings from common plastic pots. All this translates into a considerable saving of time and, thanks to the absence of water drainage holes, in a greater development of the roots and perfect health of the same.


20-30 Cm






-15 -20 Max






Sun/Half shade



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