Pittosporum Nano

Pittosporum Nano

Also known by the name of Pitosforo tobira, the small and round-shaped Pittosporum Nano is an evergreen shrub that finds its origins in China, Taiwan and Japan.

It is defined dwarf, due to its characteristic of not reaching more than 70/80 cm in height and 150 cm in width. Given its size and its rounded and pleasant appearance, it is highly sought after for use in rock gardens, flower beds and as an evergreen hedge plant.

Pittosporum Nano Alveolo
Pittosporum Tobira Nano

In addition to being used in the composition of groups, groves or borders, it is suitable for cultivation in pots or boxes, so it is also suitable for small gardens, balconies or terraces. Oval and elongated, the leaf of the Pittosporum Nanum is dark bright green.

A lover of the mild and temperate climate, it lends itself well to exposure in full sun or in dim light, but is nevertheless able to withstand colder winter temperatures, up to a maximum of -6 °. For its optimal cultivation, in the case of particularly harsh climate, it is advisable to use cold greenhouses. Suitable for resisting pollution and sea air, however, it does not like to be planted in very windy places.

The Pitosforo tobira, to grow luxuriantly, needs a well-drained soil of a normal type, where there is no stagnation of water and a regular watering process.

Thanks to the latter, the small bushy shrub is able to maintain its typical thick foliage and guarantee a rich inflorescence. Despite the need to be watered regularly, it still has a good resistance to drought.

Pittosporum Nano
Pitosforo Tobira Nano

Flowering occurs in the month of May. Pitosforo produces small orange-scented flowers, which are initially white in color, then turn to creamy yellow.

Within our Vettori Giovani Piante di Pistoia company, we take care of directly producing the cultivation alveoli of the evergreen shrub Pittosporum Nano, choosing the cuttings in advance and with great care, already at the time of potting.

In order to encourage proper rooting and excellent tillering of the plants we produce, we crop the latter several times, relying on the experience gained over the years.

The latter, combined for some time with the use of exclusively organic products, has allowed us to apply for BIO certification.

The use of a targeted irrigation system with specific bars, such as the one used in our Nursery, allows for maximum uniformity and quality of the plants produced and marketed by us.

As well as all conifers, Mediterranean plants and our evergreen shrubs, Pitosforo Tobira is sold in special biodegradable pots, which allow a considerable saving of time, since the crops do not need to be removed from the common plastic pots.

In addition to being highly respectful for the environment, our biodegradable pots allow the rooting of our young bushy plants close to 100% and, once transplanted, an excellent and immediate vegetative recovery.


20-30 Cm






-6 Max






Sun/Half shade



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