Loropetalum Black Pearl ®️

Loropetalum Black Pearl ®️

Loropetalum Black Pearl ®️ is an evergreen shrub of oriental origin, more precisely coming from the forests of China, Japan and the Himalayas. It is a medium-sized decorative plant, belonging to the Hamamelidaceae family, with a bushy and rather compact shape.

It has small oval textured leaves, rough to the touch, of a very particular and intense dark red color, tending to black, a shade that remains the same throughout the year.

In the spring season, it produces jagged and lively purple-red flowers with a fuchsia shade, which begin to bloom in April and continue until the autumn season.
Loropetalum Black Pearl
Loropetalum Black Pearl ®️

Also known by the name Loropetalum Chinensis Black Pearl, the characteristics that distinguish this decorative shrub are the erect stems and the branches that tend to develop mainly in a horizontal direction.

Externally, it is rather low and compact, reaching a maximum height of 1.5 meters in a few years.

Thanks to its balanced size, Loropetalum Black Pearl ®️ is suitable for use as a single potted plant, for the creation of borders and for the composition of mixed hedges, together with other plants of similar bearing.

Its ideal condition for growing luxuriantly is to be planted in fertile, moist, fresh and sufficiently drained soil.

It does not require a particular frequency of watering, as it needs little water and undoubtedly prefers sun exposure. In warm habitats, it is still suitable for living in partial shade, as well as ensuring good resistance to cold, since it is able to survive down to a minimum temperature of -20 °. The only precaution: it does not like to be planted in areas affected by very cold and dry winds.

Arbusto Sempreverde Loropetalum Black Pearl

Its resistance is also reconfirmed in comparison with parasites and other environmental problems, since it is a rather strong evergreen shrub and particularly refractory to the most common plant diseases, provided it has the right type of soil.

Also with regard to pruning, it is confirmed as a decorative garden plant that is very easy to manage, as it will be sufficient to prune the Loropetalum once a year, in September, acting in moderation and avoiding too drastic interventions.

Thanks to its intense and striking color, the Loropetalum Black Pearl ®️ species guarantees a striking contrast with the surrounding environment, which can be appreciated throughout the year. It manages to give a very special touch of bright color to gardens, hedges and flower beds.

The alveoli of Loropetalum plants are produced directly within our Vivaio Vettori Giovani Piante based in Pistoia, where we personally select the best two / three cuttings to be used at the time of potting.

This helps us to produce high quality evergreen shrubs, able to branch perfectly. The maximum product uniformity of our plants is guaranteed by targeted irrigation carried out with specific bars and frequent trimming, performed according to precise criteria acquired over years of experience in the sector.


25-30 Cm






-20 Max


Red Purple




Sun/Half shade



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