Nandina Obsessed ®️

Nandina Obsessed ®️

Nandina Obsessed ®️, a slow-growing shrub with simple maintenance, is a recently introduced bush plant, belonging to the Berberidaceae family.

Characterized by thin stems and small and thick leaves, ranging from intense green to bright red, Nandina Obsessed ®️ is confirmed as one of the most popular evergreen bushes, in particular by those who want to beautify gardens and balconies and are looking for a product that can withstand harsh temperatures winter temperatures.

Nandina Obsessed Alveoli
Nandina Domestica

Also suitable for use in rock gardens, it goes very well with the Zen style due to its thick and upright shape and can withstand the cold down to -20 °.

Thanks to its abundant and thick foliage, it makes a perfect border plant, which can be used to compose flower beds, or for the construction of low hedges. In fact, it reaches a maximum height of just 70/80 centimeters.

It is also ideal for use in the composition of mixed flower beds, in combination with other shrubs with a reduced development, such as the variety known by the name Loropetalum.

At the time of potting, a careful choice of cuttings, in combination with targeted irrigation assisted by the use of specific bars, allows us to obtain a product of the highest quality, able to guarantee maximum uniformity to each plant cultivated in inside our company.

Nandina Obsessed
Nandina Domestica Obsessed

Our young bushy plants are grown with two or three cuttings, whose correct tillering and perfect rooting are ensured by frequent trimming, performed in a workmanlike manner according to criteria acquired over years of experience in the sector.

Of an intense green color in Summer, the thick leaves of Nandina Obsessed ®️ change due to the lowering of temperatures in winter, taking on their typical bright red color.

During the course of Spring, precisely in the months of April and May, the leaves of the shrub are enriched with tiny white flowers gathered in clusters, which in winter are transformed into colorful red berries with a high persistence.

Thanks to its great resistance to any climatic condition, both in full sun and in partial shade, it is often also chosen as a single plant for cultivation in pot, the latter with a diameter of approximately 19 cm, to be placed on terraces or outdoor living balconies.

Also known by the name Nandina Domestica Obsessed ®️, this very special plant, in order to enjoy a luxuriant and regular growth, needs a well-drained, fertile soil.

It does not require excessive care with regard to pruning, which must be done just once a year, in the months of June or July. The watering process must instead be regular, in order to maintain the luxuriance typical of this type of evergreen shrub.


25-30 Cm






-20 Max






Sun/Half shade



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